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Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

Benefits of Using Media In Teaching Learning Activities

Teaching media is a tool used by teachers when teaching to help clarify the subject matter presented to students, and prevent the occurrence of verbal self-student. Teaching is much use of verbal, would be boring, instead of teaching would be more interesting if the students delighted in learning, or pleased because he felt attracted to and understand the lessons he received. Thus, learning activities will be more effective.
Effective learning must begin from direct experience or experience in the concrete and toward a more abstract experience. Learning will be more effective if assisted with the props in teaching than in unassisted with a teaching tool. In order for teaching and learning process can work well, students should be encouraged to utilize all the tools senses. The teacher tried to show the stimulus (stimulus), which can be processed in many senses. The more sensing devices used to receive and process information, the more likely the information is understandable and can be maintained in memory.
Hamalik (1986) pointed out that the use of teaching media in teaching and learning can generate new desires and interests, to encourage motivation and stimulation and learning activities, and even brought a psychological influences on students.
Thus, students are expected to be able to receive and absorb easily and good messages in the material presented. To take advantage of all sense organ senses in learning activities needed stimulus (stimulus). While such stimuli can real with the use of visual aids in education. Figure in teaching can be called by the media of instruction.
This is confirmed by Arsyad (2003), who said that, teaching and learning activities using the media said the teaching was replaced by terms such as tool of view heard, teaching materials, communication of view heard, educational teaching aids of view, educational technology, teaching aids, and media explanatory . The development of science and technology increasingly encourage renewal efforts in the utilization of technology results in the learning process. Teachers are required to use tools that could be provided by the school, did not rule out that such instruments in accordance with the developments and demands of the times. Teachers must be able to use cheap and efficient tool that is simple and unpretentious though it is a necessity in order to achieve the expected objectives of teaching (Arsyad, 2003).
For that in using the medium of teaching teachers should have sufficient knowledge and understanding about the medium of teaching, such as what is conveyed by Hamalik (1994), that the teaching of teachers in using the media must understand about: (1) media as a communication tool to further streamline the process of learning teaching, (2) the functions of the media in order to achieve educational goals, (3) the nitty gritty of the process of learning, (4) the relationship between teaching methods with educational media, (5) the value or benefits of media education in teaching, (6) selection and use of media education, (7) different types of educational media tools and techniques, (8) media education in each subject, and (9) business innovation in education.
Reality-phenomena mentioned above, encourage researchers to conduct an action research (action research) in teaching and learning activities by using the medium of teaching at the junior high school students of class VII. Some reasons for the importance of teaching media used in teaching and learning activities in this action research, are: (1) with the medium of teaching students to learn will be more concrete and not verbal, (2) students have more motivation in learning, because the medium of teaching, learning activities will more attractive, (3) is more varied learning activities, (4) students can conduct learning activities themselves faced with teaching media, and (5) with the medium of teaching and learning activities of students would be more ideas students bring to everyday life.
With a classroom action research conducted by researcher, then emerged a few problems in this research activity. Why teaching is very important media used in an effort to increase interest in student learning in a series of teaching and learning activities.
With the media uses in teaching and learning activities to teach the students, in the delivery of the subjects became more standardized. Each student who saw or heard the presentation through the media receive the same message, even though the teacher to interpret the contents of the lesson with different ways, with a range of media use that interpretation results can be reduced so that the same information can be conveyed to students as a foundation for assessment, training, and further applications.
2. Teaching is more interesting, because the clarity and message, appeal an arbitrary image can lead students to analyze and think, all of which indicate that the media has the aspects of motivation and increase student interest in learning.
3. During the progress of teaching and learning activities, learning more interactive and interesting, because time teaching requires only a short time in delivering the lesson content of the messages in sufficient quantity and students can absorb many contents in an optimal learning.
4. With the use of teaching media in teaching and learning activities on students, tasks and roles of teachers towards a more positive change. That means loads of teachers to explain the repeated lessons about the content can be reduced and even eliminated so that teachers can concentrate on other important aspects in teaching and learning

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